8 Of The Most Underappreciated Movies Of 2017 So Far

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I regret not watching these in theatres

2017 has been a year of blockbusters from Wonder Woman, to Beauty and the Beast, but with all the attention on the bigger name flicks, a lot of genuinely good movies have been swept under the rug.

1.The Red Turtle


This Studio Ghibli film manages to keep your eyes glued to the screen, even though it doesn't have a word of dialogue.

2. The Autopsy of Jane Doe


This movie brings up frights and scares from the get go and doesn't give up until the viewers are thoroughly spooked.

3. Justice League Dark


This animated flick offers a fresh perspective on superhero story lines. It's a lot darker than the standard comic book movie, and ventures deeper into territory beyond the stock points the fans have become familiar with.

4. The Lure


Though this Polish film saw an international release in 2015, it hit the States in February 2017. A mashup of musical camp and horror gore, sprinkled with classic movie monsters and vampires and mermaids, The Lure is wicked and witty, right down to its flippy fish tail.

5. XX


This movie bring together anthology and creepy children in a beautiful marriage. XX is comprised of 4 horror mini films, with disturbing stop motion animation between them that brings them all together.

6. To The Bone


Minimalistic, but moving, To The Bone tells the story of illness and isolation. It follows a girl who suffers from anorexia and a doctor who runs her to her wits end. To The Bone is dark comedy at its finest.

7. 20th Century Women


Set in 1970s, Santa Barbara, this movies follows the story of a Dorothea and her son, Jamie, and a several other women that come together to raise Jamie. This is a Coming of age film that completely disregards age.

8. Kedi


Kedi is a documentary about the feral cats of Istanbul. It may seem silly on the surface, but it has a big heart, and although centred around animals, its narrative feels utterly human.

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