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10 Style Trends That Are In This Summer

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Avoid any potential fashion faux pas.

Fashion is completely subjective. A lot of people are cool with wearing all black and flannel all year long, but if you like to stay trendy, these styles are in for summer 2017, according to New York Fashion Week.


After years of denim reigning the catwalk, this utilitarian material is finally in style.

2. Stripes

Everything from Chunky seaside stripes, to elegant banker stripes, seem to be taking the runway by storm.

3. Yellow

Yellow is such a beautiful bright colour, and absolutely perfect for the summer.

4. Floral Prints

Also super summery and beautiful.

5. Sleeve Slits

All the comfort of wearing sleeveless blouses, but with sleeves.

6. Exposed Shoulders

Shoulder cutouts and Flashdance shoulders seem to be all the rage this summer.

7. Retro-kinis

The vintage silhouettes are back in this summer. Prepare the high waisted bikini bottoms and bandeau tops.

8. 80s Redux

Cinched waists, large belts, wrap around dresses, and trench coats are all abuzz this summer

9. Gingham

If you're not comfortable with stripes, gingham is always a good alternative. It’s preppy, perennially summery, and never out of style.

10. White

White is the quintessential summer colour. It keeps you cool, and when in doubt, throw on a white dress, and you have a perfect outfit.

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