Tulpa- Flash Fiction

Two teenage girls, Girl 1 and Girl 2, have a sleepover at Girl 2's house while her parents are away. They both indulge in recreational marijuana. Girl 2 falls asleep, while Girl 1 goes on a Google deep dive, stumbling upon an article about tulpas (sort of like an imaginary friend but ones that have a physical manifestation and possess their thoughts and emotions).

"Wouldn't it be funny if we manifested a tulpa of a hot guy?" She jokes while staring at a tulpa sigil.

She moves on to a different topic, continuing on her Google deep dive.

After a while, she heads to the kitchen to get a snack. She sees that the fridge is open, and a young man in his early 20s is rummaging through the fridge, looking for a snack. She checks him out, they lock eyes, she starts to panic, he is confused. She slowly retreats to her friend's room, on the cusp of crying out of fear. Girl 2, who is now awake, but still fairly inebriated, much like her friend, asks her what's wrong.

"It happened," Girl 1 whispers, terrified.


"I made a tulpa."

"A what?"

"I said it would be funny if we manifested a boy and it happened," Girl 1, now outright crying, "but I didn't mean to, what do we do now?"

Girl 2, though terrified herself, and despite Girl 1 asked her not to, decides to go to the kitchen to see the tulpa for herself.

"Dude-", Girl 2 walks back into her room, looking slightly annoyed, but mostly disappointed, "- that's my brother."

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